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iPhone 4 launched into space - breathtaking video

October 18, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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iPhone 4 launched into space – breathtaking video

We can think of an awful lot of purposes for an iPhone but have to admit that one use we hadn’t thought of was to launch it into space with a camera to take a video. However that’s exactly what one father and son have done, with spectacular results.

Luke Geissbuhler, a cinematographer, and his son began a mission to use a weather balloon to send an iPhone 4, along with an HD video camera into space. It was launched from Newburgh in New York and within an hour was 19 miles above the earth. How did they get it back I hear you ask? Well when the balloon eventually burst, the iPhone and camera came back down to earth with the ingenious use of a parachute, according to Samuel Axon over on Mashable, sourced from NY Mag.

Then with the use of the iPhone’s GPS they traced the iPhone and camera and eventually located it in a tree around 30 miles from where they’d performed the launch. The resulting film really is breathtaking and you can see it below this story, including the launch. There are also some wonderful images of space that Geissbuhler has placed on his website, the Brooklyn Space Program. You can also support the next mission to space on the site. We wonder what other uses people will find for their iPhones and can’t wait to find out.

For more on this go to What do you think of the Homemade Spacecraft video? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts so please feel free to send in your comments.

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Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

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