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iPad Vs. iPhone and Twitter: Depicted in Michael Jackson style parody video

October 18, 2021 | Matt Tran

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iPad Vs. iPhone and Twitter: Depicted in Michael Jackson style parody video

When it comes to a serious war between two products all be it from the same company, you always need a little bit of laughter to clear the air. Apple’s two masterpieces are regularly the subject of debate, comparison and contrasting views; however the Pantless Knights have brought out a hilarious video to make the topic not so serious.

The video is a parody of Michael Jackson’s just beat it but as there is a Twitter involvement, the lyrics have been changed to the inevitable just Tweet it. According to Mashable these guys have been at it before, bringing out parody songs such as “New Dork” and “I’m on a Mac”. The groups front man Peter Furia plays Jackson in the video and completely changes the words to give the song a very social media trend.

Some of the best quotes in the song have to be “Justin Bieber gets defeated” and “Get this hashtag, retweet it”. Furia looks as if he is mimicking Steve Jobs with the black turtleneck and jeans underneath his red leather jacket. If you have not seen the video yet then watch it below and also see the hilarious Windows Phone 7 advert as well.

Thankfully this video has not been a disrespectful crack at Michael and at the end of the video he is credited and branded a legend. I am sure he would have been proud of it. Leave us all of your comments on what you thought of the video below.

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