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Steve Jobs Gives Chilean Miners iPod Touches

October 16, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Steve Jobs Gives Chilean Miners iPod Touches

If for some bizarre reason you did not hear of the 33 Chilean miners rescue last week, then we will fill you in. The miners had been trapped for some 69 days underground after their mine collapsed. Feared dead, a probe was sent down to detect whether there was any sign of life, and to the surprise and jubilation of friends and family the unbelievable scenes were unveiled. They were all alive!

With the help of rescue teams and a constructed escape shaft, all of the men who had been some 700 metres below ground have now reached the surface. Indications show that of the 33 men, 31 have now been released from hospital and 2 are still receiving treatment for vertigo and dental problems. It seems that not only did this story catch the eye of just about everyone around the world including big celebrities, who were busy posting their thoughts on social networking sites, but also the likes of Apple’s CEO “Steve Jobs”. Paul at Pocket-Lint reported that, out of respect to the miners, Jobs will be sending each of them an iPod Touch.

Now that the miners have been reunited with their friends and family, they are not only enjoying fame, but will possibly be expecting a huge compensation payout. They have been invited to football games as well as already receiving Sony PSP’s.

What do you think about Apple’s gesture? Let us know. To read more on this check out Pocket-Lint

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  1. Ernie CitruS says:

    I think this donation is one of the most self-serving, incipid gesture designed at free PR for Apple I have ever seen. It’s like as if McDonalds gave the miners each a free Happy Meal, or Disneyland a free day pass.

    I am embarrassed that the worlds largest market cap company could stoop so low.

    Shame on you Jobs.

  2. me wuv assle so kewl says:

    overhyped poser crapware chief needs fat donkey turds up the rancid vag each time opportunity to smear his slime of a company appears lest he gasm soley externally
    gotta shove meaty memebrs into nasty stench ridden man snatch that vile goon he is
    f#ck that peice of filth i revile him, a cancer on technology
    a backwards step., is all that he will be remembered as

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