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Justin Bieber Tweets Of New 3D Movie

Justin Bieber Tweets Of New 3D Movie

American pop sensation “Justin Bieber,” has been reported as revealing his forthcoming 3D movie on Twitter. The online social networking site is home to not just the everyday user but some of the biggest celebrity names. With an astounding 100 million short messages sent daily, 16-year old Bieber makes up a percentage of this.

The celebrity has spoken about his new 3D movie which according to one report is to be named, “Never Say Never.” When RTE reported on this latest revelation, it appears that Jon Chu, project director, had announced the title of the movie by using celebrities and fans, to work out for themselves the name by removing pieces of the movie poster, bit by bit. Fans were then in awe when the twelve pieces of the poster were put together on a video. In turn, the video with the popular soundtrack “Baby” has been posted from YouTube to Bieber’s Twitter account.

In a recent tweet to fans he confirmed the movie name by saying, “Well u named the movie…so here it is… once again thank u for everything u all do.” For those of you out there who are avid fans , the movie “Never Say Never” is due to be released February 2011.

Are you a devout Bieber fan? Will you be watching his forthcoming movie? Let us know. Log onto RTE for more information.

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