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Facebook Sharing Data: Compared To Twitter and LinkedIn

October 16, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Facebook Sharing Data: Compared To Twitter and LinkedIn

A question that many people will be wondering the answer to… What is a tweet worth? Well we are about to find out. Eventbrite have been measuring the social commerce to create a scale of business.

What is being talked about in Eventbrite’s article reveals the value of shares amongst the different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This data was pulled from over a 12 week period.

Facebook topped Eventbrite’s charts with an average of $2.52, a close 2nd is sharing via email which valued at $2.34, LinkedIn came in at $0.90 and tweets are at only $0.43. So what does this mean? Simply, it means that the Facebook sharing data is more valuable than that of LinkedIn and Twitter.

The above results are hardly surprising seeing as Eventbrite are geared around events, generally with the different social media sites such as LinkedIn, they aren’t necessarily going to be looking for or booking events, similarly with Twitter, unless you are following someone who is performing at an event.

You can find more details over at SFGate about Facebook’s share data and its competitors. Let us know your opinions on the results in the comments, are you surprised? What social network do you value more?

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  1. Flyn says:

    If I might ad, it is not the individual valuation of these sites that
    makes them valuable.

    A statement that Facebook is more valuable than Twitter or that
    LinkedIn is better than Facebook is highly subjective and quite
    possibly influenced by the goal or objective.

    Those who make millions using social media have discovered
    that it is the interconnection of all of these properties and of
    course the proper use of them that builds lists of thousands
    and can make one a fortune.

  2. clueless says:

    i dont get it.

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