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Medal Of Honor: Will it be able to top Black Ops?

Medal Of Honor: Will it be able to top Black Ops?

The new Medal of Honor game has just launched here in the UK today and so far the big question is, “Will it be better than Black Ops?” So far I have heard very diverse and mixed reviews and thought I would see what the game was made of.

Dubbed to be a combination of both Call of Duty and Battlefield, Medal of Honor’s bar of expectation has certainly be raised. Crowds of people have vented their dislike of the game due to the Beta being poor, but on the other hand many people have praised the game for its single player. Some reviews have said the game lives up to the hype and that indeed it does resemble Battlefield and Call of Duty.

With Black Ops less than a month away, you cant help but think that people will just ditch Medal Of Honor as soon as it comes out. This is not MOH’s fault but with the Call Of Duty franchise being the biggest war series ever, it is hard to see people sticking with EA’s title. When Treyarch launch their game on November 9th, not only do you have the campaign and online multiplayer to contend with but then Zombie Mode also come into play.

We all know that the Zombies survival feature is the most insanely popular and unique add on which no other game offers, with the slight exception of Red Dead Redemption. The only disadvantage is that the Black Ops multiplayer numbers may be drastically low as everyone is playing Co-op. With record pre-orders, Black Ops is set to be the best selling and highest grossing game ever made. With a 3D platform also being offered by Treyarch, it adds another dimension to the gaming experience which we have never seen before and this is another thing MOH lacks. Quite strangely Activison are bringing out another title shortly after Black Ops, called Apache: Air Assault, which is a helicopter shooter game.

So to be brutally honest, from what I have seen of Medal Of Honor so far I do not think it will generate anywhere near what Black Ops will. I will still give MOH a try as it looks a very good game, but when it squares up against Call Of Duty there is no real comparison. Maybe I am being a little biased, but my thoughts come from previous experience and I am sure many of you will share my opinion. Leave us all of your comments telling us what you think of the game and if it will give Black Ops a run for its money.

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  1. thesmellofgas says:

    any one else finding it F in hard to see anyone in team death match not tried the rest yet hope the rest r better bring on black ops

  2. TomKongPhooey says:

    Black Ops is for kids with all the perks. Thats why so many hated MW2 and went back to MW1. So glad MOH didnt follow suit. a real mans game. So glad to play taliban also. PPL need to learn its only a game!!!

  3. steve says:

    single player campaign far too short and restricted access to terrain. multiplayer i cant see anyone and then im dead, maybe im just c..p

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