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Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Lands November 30

October 15, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Lands November 30

Halo: Reach has been one of the most popular Xbox games to hit our stores since its release on 14 September. But now news has come through today, that the eagerly anticipated “Noble Map Pack” can now be downloaded on November 30.

Both publisher Microsoft and developer Bungie are now keen to showcase their latest offering. According to Softpedia, the pack will contain three new maps: Tempest, Anchor 9 and Breakpoint as well as new achievements that will give 250 Gamerscore points to your overall total. In a brief synopsis of the new map content, Tempest is based around an abandoned shoreline facility, where the battlefield may be familiar but has the added extra of a makeshift shelter. Anchor 9 will require slightly less players being 2-8 comprising of Team Objective, Free For All and Team Slayer modes aswell as featuring an Orbital Dockyard. Breakpoint incorporates a buried artifact which is the key to survival.

As mentioned before, the new Noble Map Pack will be released on November 30 and will cost 800 Microsoft Points, or around $10 if purchasing from a retailer.

Are you a Halo Reach Fan? What do you make of today’s news? Let us have your comments. To check out more on this log onto Softpedia.

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  1. yettiBaiis says:

    Halo Reach is the dumbest halo ever… I loved Halo 3 i played over 13,000 matchmade games.. REACH FAILS… the game is just stupid i love the campaign but matchmaking is pointless… the game really needs to be updated FOR FREE!!!! The game has only been out for 2 months so why didnt these "new" maps come shipped with the game? Now if i want to play i have to spend another $10 on maps that are going to be way TOOOOOOOO big for the amount of people they stick on them.. The game types suck.. the only maps that are any good are the ones from Halo 2 and the cage is pretty good other than those maps and the campaign reach is a total failure.

    • Alex says:

      Now I see your opinion but i have a couple of issues with that, true that Halo 3 was popular and each player played at least several hundred matchmade games, but then again Halo 3 was played for 3-4 years, if you play a game that long, you think everything about it is perfect. I agree that the new maps should come out for free though, that's a good point, but they do want to make some kind of money for making more software for this game, and most maps have the capability to explore and find alternative routes, thats why their so big. As for game types, true not all are my favorites, but most resemble the ones from Halo 3, Such as Rumble pit, its the new Lone Wolf, Team Objective, Team Slayer, they are all there, and constant updates are coming that bring race, swat, and a bunch of others, but even some new game types are interesting, one of my personal favorites is invasion, only elites vs spartans, the way the game was intended to bring. So as I see your point, there are a few flaws, thank you, and have a nice day.

  2. Flash says:

    Your opinion is utter crap yettiBaiis, "the game is just stupid" isn't really a decent observation considering Reach is by far one of the most refined games on the road and also that they released the Beta turning average xbox Joe into a games tester with Bungie accepting all feedback and ideas with open arms. Bungie nailed it, the maps may not all be the best but they all look beautiful and obviously FORGE WORLD is a stroke of genius. This game was always gunna get some bad press because of the amount of douches with live accounts who because they have 1242385623589427 gamerpoints think that they know the inside and outside of computer games….

    sit down, shut up and enjoy the view

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