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COD Black Ops: More detail and ideas on Zombies

October 15, 2021 | Matt Tran

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COD Black Ops: More detail and ideas on Zombies

I know many of you like myself are very excited about the release of Black Ops on November 9th and just to bring that excitement up a notch, I will be giving you a few more details and possible scenarios in the upcoming Zombie mode game.

We mentioned in one of our previous posts that the dead ops arcade and zombie mode were linked; however after further thought I am led to believe that they are two separate things. It appears the dead ops arcade is similar to Modern Warfare 2′s spec ops mode, which is 2-4 players completing campaign missions and various challenges together.

I have come to this conclusion after having a closer look at the list of leaked achievements, which gave away plenty of detail on the game. Zombies and the Dead Ops arcade are referred to separately such as one says “kill zombies” and the other says “defeat enemies”. Also if both modes were the same they would be referred to as one, but in the achievements they have been listed separately. This does not really damage zombies at all; however it makes our “Zombie Monkeys” theory less likely.

We also raised the issue of the location in which the fifth zombie mission would be staged and came to the conclusion it would be set on “Rebirth Island”. We think this is the massive research lab where the zombies were created, as seen in video. It was also suggested that Area 51 would be the map location. It has become very likely that parts of the campaign mode will also cross over into the storyline of Zombies with things such as Nova 6. This is a Russian created fully weaponised chemical which plays a massive part in the single player and then also Zombies, obviously because of the viral site GKNOVA6 which shows some chilling zombie footage which you can watch below.

In the video we see military forces trying to fend off the zombies and you will notice they are all wearing gas masks, so it could indicate the gas has got loose and is infecting and changing the humans into zombies. The virus could have possibly been engineered to wipe out the creators enemies, but instead of killing them turned them into the undead. It was assumed that the zombies were created by the Germans as they are “Nazi’s”, but if you think about it if the Russians are trying to eliminate the German Nazi soldiers with the Nova 6 gas it would turn them all into zombies. I am still not 100% sure as in Der Riese, Doctor Maxis is attempting to train one of the zombies before it rebels and he kills it. Maxis is a German scientist and would not have the gas unless they stole it from the Russians.

I believe the Black Ops Zombies will follow on from Der Riese and so hopefully our four best pals Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen will return. I desperately hope we see the return of the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe and Monkey Bomb; I think we can expect to see new perks and power ups. In Shi No Numa and Der Riese an ammo machine called Amm-O-Matic was supposed to be included but was removed at the last minute as it was thought the game was going to be made too easy. Once you hit 25 rounds you normally have all the best guns and a hefty amount of points, and almost every team dies through no ammo as they are left to desperately teleport run and try to get a Max Ammo gift.

The Pack a Punch machine has been confirmed to return and also to be included are crossbows as stated in the challenge “sacrificial lamb”. “Kill 6 zombies after getting shot by a Pack-a-Punched Crossbow bolt”. At first I was thinking of friendly fire but that would serve no purpose; what if when you are downed by a zombie, instead of dying after the revival expiration you become a zombie? Your teammates can only bring you back into the game by shooting you with a specific type of weapon which turns you back into a human and then revive you? Just a theory but it sounds good.

I hope you enjoyed some of the information and new theories we have brought you. Please feel free to offer suggestions on zombies and tell us what you think of our ideas. Make sure if you like zombies you leave us plenty of your questions and comments.

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  1. gandolf says:

    love you 2

  2. Chris says:

    I think that the sacrificial lamb achivement might be a teamate shoots u with the crossbow then u run in to the zombies and get 6 kills. The achievement name supports this. If this is true then friendly fire will probably be off for zombies.


    Can you find out about the hardened/prestige edition will be der reise/ shi no numa and co?

  3. tom says:

    the sacrifical acheivement. wtf ur over thinking it. the crossbow obviously explodes and if it is upgraded, duh big explosion. if u get shot by a crossbow and run into a pack of zombies, woah look at that. boom!

  4. John K McEwen says:

    Has there been any news about the levels? Will they all be the same as World At War of will they be new? I'm really hoping for some advancement from the last game.

  5. agator says:

    what if there is a new twist on the zombies? perhaps they gave the zombies guns or weapons? like maybe a special zombie that comes out every 5 or so levels like the zombie dogs. thats just an idea ive been thinking for a while. no conformation, just an idea i came up with. partly because ive seen numerous movies where the people became like zombies but not totally animal-like or vicious. more of an insane or deranged person that can still fire a weapon. if you have seen the movie THE CRAZIES there is an example of this in that movie where the hunters are insane because of the gas released into the water, but they are still able to fire their hunting rifles. again this is just an idea or theory i have come up with, no confirmation. please comment back if you have any more on the zombies in black ops.. Thanks

  6. brandon says:

    mine would obviously be call of duty world at war is the best shooter and i hope black ops has zombies

  7. bob says:

    theres going to be a new type of zombie thats super fast stroung and to kill and they might be able to run up wlls no lie go to calofduty BO

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