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Apple to prevent kids sending rude text messages to each other

October 15, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Apple to prevent kids sending rude text messages to each other

Young iPhone users who are regularly sending profanity and smut around to each other will we disappointed to hear that Apple are planning to use a patent that censors rude words and slang in a text message. Word on the street is that young users are regularly sending each other outrageously fruity texts, and now their parents will have the chance to control said texts.

According to Cnet, parental options and controls can be put in place to filter certain words and if there is enough strong content in the text message it wont even send! In a recent survey it was revealed that the growth of teens now sending texts has skyrocketed and is now at an all time high. Maybe the amount of texts going round has something to do with the increase of dirty ones going around.

Personally I blame the network providers as they pretty much corner any new person getting a phone into taking out a contract term and that means that all of the goodies such as free texts comes with it. When a bored teenager has unlimited texts on their phone, they are going to pretty much be texting all sorts of saucy content around to their mates. If Apple offered a reasonable pay as you go price and then kids were accountable for however much credit they had, they may be more responsible for what they send around.

I think this patent to prevent “Sexting” is a ridiculous waste of time and a total invasion of our privacy. I know it is optional and it is at the discretion of the kid’s parents, but they are pretty much trying to tell us what we can and cant say now which is totally wrong. What ever happened to good old trust? Leave us all of your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

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  1. cody says:

    dont think it a bad idea, what do you care if your a grown man, some people actually wanna stop there kids from doing "sexting" you cant trust a 13-17 year old anyway

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