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Verizon iPhone: Faster, More Choice And Sharper Technology

October 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Verizon iPhone: Faster, More Choice And Sharper Technology

At the present time, some of you maybe waiting on more news of the iPhone appearing in Verizon stores. PC World have come up with five good reasons as to why you should choose Verizon over other carriers.

According to Barbara at PC World Business Center, for some time now, iPhone users have been feeling let down by AT&T, and on collating information from surveys, it’s apparent that the majority have expressed their disappointment. From past issues with the reception antenna problems that the handset endured, it is fair to say that some people were quick to blame the wireless carrier AT&T, when in fact loss of signal was purely down to the iPhone. At least with another carrier on board, businesses in particular will be able to make their own decision.

You may also want to hold on a little longer, as the option of using iTunes or Verizon’s own V Cast on-demand service for videos and music will be offered, therefore the two companies will be battling it out to offer the best deals and prices. With so many of you wanting to purchase an iPhone, Verizon will no doubt cope better with the demand from new customers as oppose to AT&T. It is estimated that over 13 million of you over the next 2 years will be upgrading to an iPhone. Indications show that the Verizon iPhone may well be running on a 4G LTE network, and if this happens, then you can expect a faster service.

So now that you have managed to digest this, will you be waiting for a faster, sharper handset which will give you plenty of choice? Let us know. To read more on this log onto PC World Business Center

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