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iPhone & iPad: “Mike Tyson Punch-Out” App

October 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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iPhone & iPad: “Mike Tyson Punch-Out” App

News has filtered through today, of a new Apple iPhone and iPad app from Rock Software. If you’re a boxing fan and are in possession of one of these devices, then you will be pleased to hear of the “Mike Tyson Punch-Out” game for just a mere $0.99.

Former World Heavyweight Champion of the World “Tyson,” was renowned back in the day for having an aggressive and intimidating boxing presence in and out the ring. Of the 58 fights that he fought, he won 50, losses of 6 and wins by KO 44. If you’re like me and remember Tyson’s Nintendo video game from the 1980’s, you had to climb the ladder of belts to eventually fight the ultimate man himself. Adam at Mashable reported that, in today’s version you take on the name of “Little Sammy” who has to fight 10 boxers before meeting Tyson.

CEO for Rock Software “John Shahidi” has said, “There’s my high school buddies. Tyler is a friend who was a bully; Luke is another friend who was the first of my friends to have kids; Franco (Italian boxer) is my best friend and lawyer.” In the future, users will have the opportunity to buy other sports legends to include in the game. People such as Terrell Owens and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Will you be purchasing this new boxing app? To find out more on this and to watch a preview check out Mashable

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