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Film Review: The Social Net-Works!

Film Review: The Social Net-Works!

Here at Online Social Media, we have very much been looking forward to the release of the highly acclaimed Facebook film, The Social Network. Luckily a few of my colleagues and I got the chance to see an early screening of the movie on Wednesday and were very impressed. The film came out in the US on October 1st and is out here in the UK today (15th).

The Social Network is not just a film that looks pretty good and so I will go and see it. It plays a very big and relevant part in our day to day lives, and anyone who is pondering whether to see it or not should not be discouraged as it will be branded by some as a “nerd” film. Anyone who says this I guarantee has Facebook, and I am sure people will be interested to see the story of how their daily boredom killer was born.

I am not going to give any spoilers away if you have not seen the film yet so dont worry, although I am sure you pretty much get the idea of what is going to happen. First I must say that the acting from the lead cast is first class with Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield stealing the show. Justin Timberlake does not come in to the film until around half way, but he does a great job as a supporting actor. The film has a bit of everything from light hearted comedy to watery eyed emotion.

Eisenberg definitely lived up to the expectation and played the role of Zuckerberg beautifully; however I was most impressed with the performance of Garfield as Eduardo Saverin as he is assigned the role of Facebook CFO. The story of the two university friends at the start of the film is quite touching as it will probably surface similar memories that you may have had in your life. Deeper into the film when the plot takes a few twists and turns, you will really see the strain and difference between business and friendship. Sean Parker who is portrayed by Timberlake is thrown into the mix to disrupt the order of things and really gets the film moving. I can assure you by the end of the movie, you will develop a very strong emotion for him; I will not say which it is.

Some reviews have criticized Eisenberg for the way he plays Zuckerberg, but I cant see what all of the fuss is about. I believe Jesse does an excellent job pulling off the role of the Facebook CEO, especially with his repetitive determination and wit as the film progresses. Mark Zuckerberg in the movie is a “freshman” computer genius who is slightly arrogant and motivated with failure not being an option. It is humorous to see Mark randomly dashing away from a scene as he has just thought of an idea to add to his website. The only criticism I would have is that Zuck is slightly robotic at times and this behavior is probably fictional to add an element of drama. Overall I think Eisenberg makes Zuckerberg a very interesting enigmatic character; not a shy and quiet guy who spends all of his time sitting in a dingy room coding all day long. In the film we see that Zuck does go out with his friends, has a drink and tries to score with the ladies like a normal guy, although he can be socially awkward at times which is really funny. A top performance in conclusion!

Andrew Garfield plays the role of Eduardo Saverin absolutely perfectly as the Co founder of Facebook and Zuckerberg’s best buddy roommate. You will see that Saverin plays a crucial role in the film and also a major part of how Facebook became how it is today. Garfield’s character is living in Zuckerberg’s shadow and mostly goes along with whatever mad suggestion his best friend concocts. I think that the true hero in the film is actually Eduardo; however this is only my personal opinion and many will disagree. To me, Saverin creates the most emotion and laughter for the audience, as you will see with what his character endures as the movie unfolds itself.

For me the director David Fincher has done a brilliant job, and I would recommend this film to anyone. I have come out of the cinema totally satisfied and feel I have got value for my money. Courtesy of Aaron Sorkin, the script contains plenty of tension, comedy and at times some very interesting content. My only big negative about the film is that you can never be sure of which parts are truly real. Many of the events in the film have been confirmed as accurate with others being fictional for entertainment purposes. Mark has already confirmed he enjoyed the parts “he agreed” with, so some of it must be right. However if the film was like a tape recording of Zuckerberg’s typical day you will see movie goers flooding out of the cinema in crowds. Come on guys, remember it is a film!

On a personal note, one of the best parts of the film is near the end, where I know we ALL have found ourselves at some point on Facebook. I will not spoil it but you will know what it is when you see it. I am going to give this film four stars out of five and my highest recommendation to anyone who has an interest in this genre or an active interest in Facebook. I am confident that The Social Network will race to the top of the UK box office as well as retain its place at the top in the US. Do not be surprise if the film picks up some awards as I think it is very much worthy. I hope you enjoyed our review, please leave all of your comments letting us know what you thought of the film. Also tell us if you are yet to see the film and are planning to see it. Has our review changed your mind at all?

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