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EA Announce Windows Phone 7 Games Listing

October 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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EA Announce Windows Phone 7 Games Listing

The launch of Windows Phone 7 came to New York early Monday morning, and along with it, news was released of what the devices and carriers will be. Today, Electronic Arts (EA) has now announced news of up and coming games for the new Windows Phone 7 OS.

According to Darren at TechWatch, four of the games revealed will be, Sims 3, Need for Speed, Tetris and Monopoly. So let’s take a quick peep at what the four will be able to offer us. Sims 3 has been announced as the number one best-seller on PC devices. Users will be enticed into the game by shaping the person’s personality with the choice of their clothing and career path. Need for Speed on the other hand, will give you the option of racing cars with some 20 vehicles, 24 missions, choice of altering your car and 8 different levels of play.

Another game Tetris which has been around since the early 1980’s, will keep you hooked for hours, trying to rotate blocks of four shapes to form a horizontal line without gaps. And lastly Monopoly. Based on the classic board game it has now been added to the mobile. If you are asking yourself the question, “Will these be Xbox Live enabled?,” then the answer is yes. This in turn will enable you to view online leader boards, unlock Live achievements and gain extra points onto your Gamerscore.

Is this good news to your ears? What game will you be playing? Let us know. To read more on this check out TechWatch

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