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Chile Mine Rescue: Media coverage around the world

October 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Chile Mine Rescue: Media coverage around the world

The story of the 33 trapped Chilean miners has gripped the world and the rescue effort to bring each and every miner safely to the surface is now in progress. Each miner will be brought to safety in a metal cage travelling up a metal-lined shaft. The men can only escape one at a time and as I speak fourteen men have now been reunited with their families.

It’s a story that is being followed across the world and media coverage is telling the story with various angles both in print and with online live blogs of the momentous rescue effort. Hilary Whiteman over on CNN has been looking at some of the media coverage from different countries, with the rescue set to go on for at least one more day yet.

For example although you may imagine all the attention to be on the first miner rescued, Florencio Avalos, a lot of press attention is being given to the second miner out, Mario Sepulveda, who punched the air euphorically and led the chants at his rescue, even bringing up ‘souvenir’ rocks for his rescuers. In the U.K. Sepulveda is being referred to as “Super Mario” by the Sun, a tabloid newspaper, focusing very much on him being the extrovert of the group.

However in the U.S. the New York Times has given much more sober coverage, updating its headline for each man rescued. Over in Spain’s El Mundo, there is imaginative coverage of black-and-white photographs of each miner and as each man has been rescued their image changes to color with the headline, “Welcome to Life.” In Australia the coverage has been led by talking to 2 miners who survived 2 weeks trapped underground in Tasmania four years ago, who have been telling of their experiences and giving their expert opinion on what the Chile miners are going through.

Over in South Africa, the Times Live has run the headline, “World holds its breath for Chilean heroes.” In Russia however there has been a very low-key response in the online Pravda which has been a little behind in its reporting of events and in France in La Tribune, the second day of strikes takes precedence, pushing the story of the Chile mine rescue into second place.

For more on this go to Are you watching the events unfold where you are? We’d be interested in hearing your views on the Chilean mine rescue and how the media are reporting on everything that’s happening so please do send in your comments.

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