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Are Facebook and Microsoft plotting to destroy Google together?

October 13, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Are Facebook and Microsoft plotting to destroy Google together?

Microsoft has arranged a Bing event today at its headquarters and they have sent an invite to their good friends Facebook. Maybe this could be a secret sinister meeting where the two companies discuss their plans to take down Google?

Unlikely, but we know that Google is the mutual rival and enemy of both companies and that Facebook and Microsoft are allies due to Microsoft’s 1.6% purchase of the social network. According to Electric Pig, back in 2007 Microsoft splashed out $240 million and then announced plans to put Facebook updates into Bing search late last year.

We know that Google are planning to kick start their own social network Google Me and with the help of Microsoft, Facebook may be able to eliminate this rising threat. The announcement is likely to be that Bing are introducing more data into Facebook, and also using the “Like” button to make search results more relevant. There is also talk of a Facebook places and Bing Maps integration.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the Bing event, but we are sure that Facebook being there is no coincidence. We will bring you more details when we get them so keep a look out. Leave us all of your thought and comments below.

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