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Activision’s next war game: Apache Air Assault

October 13, 2021 | Matt Tran
Activision’s next war game: Apache Air Assault

When somebody asks you what war game Activision are launching in November, without even thinking you say Black Ops! However the massive games developer are bringing out another spin off style war game only 10 days after Black Ops is released.

Apache: Air Assault, which as you can tell by the name involves helicopters is an action packed however simplistic looking game which is out on 19th November. The game involves piloting the Apache AH-64 attack helicopter and completing various missions in different countries and terrains. The timing of the release from a marketing point of view seems absurd as gamers will surely be glued to Black Ops with it being released only 10 days earlier; not to mention it has already recieved record breaking pre-orders.

With everyone occupied with Call Of Duty this will surely make Apache sales scarce as well as Medal Of Honor also being played. You can see a trailer and well written review on Electric Pig.

But lets not steal Apache’s thunder as it looks to be a very fun game if you are a fan of war. You may recognize the name immediately from Modern Warfare 2, when calling in a chopper gunner the announcer will say “friendly Apache inbound” depending on what team you are on. Quite frankly a whole video game revolving around killing baddies with the chopper’s machine guns and rockets sounds like a pretty sweet deal. There is also a multiplayer feature on the game which sounds interesting.

Although the game looks tempting I must decline as I would have absolutely no time for Apache whilst I am still playing Black Ops. Not to mention having Zombies is like having 2 games! Thats just my opinion but by all means give it a try. If you are going to give Apache a chance let us know in the comments.

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  1. Dravenj says:

    I will probably give apache a try if the demo for it is any good. Its been a long time since a helicopter game worth any value has come out. I used to love the ones a long time ago. Yes I will most likely be playing Black Ops like everyone else but a copter game is fairly new to warfare games as of late.

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