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Windows Phone 7: Good for Microsoft and Consumer

October 12, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Windows Phone 7: Good for Microsoft and Consumer

With Apple’s products taking over the entire market, it is now fantastic to see “Windows Phone 7” for the offering. Back in February when it was first announced, it was difficult to gauge what response the new OS would get, along with which devices and carriers would run on it.

But with the official launch of Windows Phone 7 yesterday, it seems we have a lot to look forward to. When Ewan at reported on the new concept, he had mixed views up until yesterday. As he pointed out, if you take the iPhone 4 for instance, although the handset has sold very well, there have been drawbacks particularly in the UK. Subscribers have had to pay up to £300 up front for the device. In the UK, customers enjoy walking out of the shop with a “free” phone and a 2 year contract. But now, the new Windows Phone 7 may be about to change all this. Ewan commented on the good looking interface along with nice and easy to use hardware.

From Microsoft’s launch yesterday, and confirmation of the devices and carriers, surely now, this will help to push the Windows Phone 7 out into the ever increasing mobile market. LG just on their own will be shipping the “Optimus 7” and “7Q” devices, into 35 countries with 100 operators. When Microsoft released the 6.5 version last year, most people in the tech world were a little disappointed, and did not think they would recover from that time, but Ewan definitely thinks there is a market for the newest version. With the new interface, fancy tiles, great photo features, and easy accessibility of email and revised menus, perhaps now is the time that Apple should start to worry.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will finally be stiff competition for the likes of Apple and Samsung. It seems to be appealing to all users and with a realistic pricing structure, you would be silly to not take a look.

Will you be swayed into changing over to Windows Phone 7? To check out more on this log onto

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