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Twitter Windows Phone 7 Launch Event Updates

Twitter Windows Phone 7 Launch Event Updates

The day has finally arrived, the launch in New York of the new Microsoft “Windows Phone 7”. Along with having the benefit of a new operating system, we will hopefully get some indication of handsets running underneath it as well as shipping dates.

This time last year, Microsoft released “Windows Mobile 6.5” which went on to be upgraded to “Windows Phone 6.5”. Microsoft’s current system has tried to keep up with Android, BlackBerry and iOS, but it is hoped that the Windows Phone 7 will pave the way for greater things. According to Softpedia, users can expect to see a new interface with possibly three buttons, back, home and search, improved menus along with greater accessibility to social networking and a new Marketplace. Although the OS is important, it is only as good as the handsets that run under it such as HTC HD7, Samsung Cedar and LG E900.

Today, from 9.30 am ET, CEO for Microsoft “Steve Ballmer”, will be able to tell us what networks will take on Windows Phone 7 and devices supporting it, as well as estimated shipping dates for European and US markets.

With Windows Phone 7 being a hot topic at the moment, social networking sites such as Twitter are rife with news. Log onto it to check out the latest updates.

Are you waiting in anticipation to hear more news? Let us know. To read more on this log onto Softpedia

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