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Social Media Strategy: Nissan Juke Facebook Promotion

October 11, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Social Media Strategy: Nissan Juke Facebook Promotion

Social Media is a good way to advertise your company and it’s products. With such a wide captive audience, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are now being used. The automotive industries are no exception to this, and the latest company to join in with social media advertising are giants, “Nissan.”

To release the new “Juke” automobile in America, Nissan has enlisted the help of two “virtual nobodies”, Jason Sadler and Evan White. Acting as human billboards, they have been behind the campaign “I Wear Your Shirt“, embraced by Doritos and Zappos. According to Austin at FastCompany, the two have been hired out from a marketing company, that specialises in promoting company brands across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In a bid to give prospective buyers a glimpse into what the new Nissan can offer, Sadler and White will drive around America in the only two Jukes available in the country, giving their opinions and experiences. Updates from the duo will be posted on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter and videos put onto YouTube. Sadler went on to say, “It’s so different than traditional advertising, like going to auto shows or getting bloggers to do reviews on the cars. We are real people and real customers. Let us actually get in the car and tell people what’s cool.”

What do you think about Nissan using social media in this way? Is it the shape of things to come? Let us know. To check out more on this log onto FastCompany

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