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COD Black Ops: Record breaking pre-orders and new teaser trailer

October 10, 2021 | Matt Tran

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COD Black Ops: Record breaking pre-orders and new teaser trailer

Treyarch’s massive game Black Ops has been in the news for months now with speculation and talk about the game and now the new 3D support it will come with. We can reveal that the highly anticipated game as already set a record before its release, as it has broken the record for the most pre-orders ever in history.

Black Ops is set to wipe the floor with its predecessor Modern Warfare 2, which also smashed gaming records last November after it pulled in over 1 billion dollars in sales as well as over 2.5 million DLC map pack downloads. The Modern Warfare sequel claimed its title as the fastest selling and highest grossing game ever made, surpassing Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Games On a new world premier teaser trailer for Black Ops is set to be aired during the commercial break of the NFL match between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets taking place on Monday evening. The teaser shows some awesome new gameplay and can be seen by following the link above.

What makes the selling point of Black Ops so appealing to gamers is the fact that it is 2 games in 1. Not only do you have the online multiplayer, you also have the immensely popular Nazi Zombies co-op survival game which was easily more popular than World at War, which was supposed to be the main game. The final unofficial hint at the return of Zombies was the leaked achievements list, which clearly gave away challenges and plots. With the confirmed return of Zombie Mode, this will sway unsure gamers into easily purchasing the game upon its release. Not to mention the fact that the game will also come with 3D, to those who can use it.

We mentioned in one of our other posts that with Christmas approaching, selling figures for the game are set to sky rocket and Treyarch’s closest competitor comes from the new Medal of Honor game. It is highly expected that Black Ops will annihilate MOH in sales, however a section of the gaming community have already stated they are sick of Call of Duty’s gimmicky style and they will instead be buying MOH as it is a true war game.

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet and cannot wait until it is released? Or will you be visiting your local launch night like me? Leave us all of your thoughts in the comments on what you would like to see in the game, especially with the new Zombie Mode.

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  1. Mjordan says:

    hell yeah! man zombies, that made me think about why i should buy this game.

  2. L.Davis says:

    Call of duty is the game to buy.. It’s always been.. The graphics and gamely are unreal.. And the cherry on the top “zombies”…

  3. Cool says:

    Umm… It's the New York Jets, not the Giants lol

  4. starkey says:

    where can i find the trailer?

  5. Matt Tran says:

    Lol thanks Cool, thats fixed. Starkey the trailer can be watched by clicking the Games On link in the post.

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