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Windows Phone 7 Launch: Are 2000 apps enough?

Windows Phone 7 Launch: Are 2000 apps enough?

For those of you who are waiting in baited breath, to find out the official release date of the new “Windows Phone 7”, then more news has come our way today. Official dates for America are still a little sketchy, but reports have said that it will land sometime in November. The UK on the other hand, is rumored to see the Windows Phone 7 on October 21.

According to Vlad Savov at Engadget, the handset was seen pictured in a document from carrier “ThreeUK”. It was sat between a BlackBerry Torch and Samsung Europa. The device incorporating a super AMOLED screen of diagonal 4-inch and 5 megapixel camera has strongly indicated that the handset may be that of the “Samsung Cetus”.

What the ThreeUK document has been able to offer us, is a hint towards the Windows Phone 7 consisting of “over 2,000 apps” at the time of launch. Will this number be enough? As Engadget quite rightly said, “2,000 good apps are more than enough.”

Are you waiting for the new handset to be released? What features have swayed you into wanting one? To check out more on this log onto Engadget

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  1. Jay says:

    Are you kidding? These little babies are hot! Its the cross integration amongst the platforms software that make these must have items. Windows is and always has been a great product, yes its had its glitches and just as many viruses but, that said, Its made my life one hell of a lot easier over the years and for that reason im not gonna be swayed into abandonning it just cos some fancy designed contender makes glossy and shiny products above and beyond their market value. I worked with mac once in an architectural practice years ago and i have to say it crashed more often than any pc system i've ever worked with. Though it wasn't through viruses, it was through the pathetic cheap internal components unable to carry the load but hey, they looked good all the same! Windows is and always has been the language of computing for the serious professional. Why start trying to fix something that isnt broken…..

  2. Jay says:

    ……Apple just needs to get on board with everyone else and stop trying to fake it! This idea that macs are better design tools is nonesense as i have worked in a number of profession design practices and never actually come across anywhere that seriously rates the apple system apart from the odd snotty nosed student of course. Then their's Xbox which will wipe the floor with anything apple tries. As for office need i bother to compare it, their isn't anything that even shares the same league it's so good. Then there is the price, need i say more? Microsoft's relationship and integration with intel and now the future collaboration with qualcom to enable the cost of the these little babies to come down has to be the peice de resistance. However, my favourite part has to be the look. If the seemless flowability of the phone is to be anything half as good as the reviewist's have shown us, then i for one will be one happy shopper….happy days Microsoft!!!!

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