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Lindsay Lohan Faces Twitter Ban during Time in Rehab

October 9, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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Lindsay Lohan Faces Twitter Ban during Time in Rehab

2010 is proving to be a pretty bad year for troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan. She’s not only spent some time in jail, but she’s also been in and out of rehab. The “Mean Girls” star has just gone back into rehab, and is facing a Twitter ban during her stay.

According to a recent article over at by Jennifer Still, the 24-year old star is currently spending time at the Betty Ford Center in California, where she is receiving treatment. While she’s there, Lohan will only be allowed access to her mobile phone at certain times.

A source spoke to the New York Post, and said that Lohan will only be able to use her mobile for two hours a day, but only to keep in touch with her close friends and family. The source said that whenever Lohan felt lonely before, she would repeatedly email her friends and use Twitter.

However, Lohan is now banned from posting any messages on the popular micro-blogging website. The Twitter ban is said to apply to all the patients that are staying at the facility, and is meant to help the actress concentrate more on herself.

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  1. Ipokesmot says:

    This drinks for you honey!

  2. Dave says:

    I am million’s miles far away since i saw your first movie “just my luck” 6 years ago, it’s wy favorite by z way and started 2 wonder how nice u were. I never got z chance to meet u any where. 1 day i was searching 4 ur albums and found u were alcholic and drug addicted. I was a little offended, because u were far from my expectations. As time go by i thought no matter what u do i am sure there is a chance to change everything. So, basicaly this is me talking friendly. And it would mean a lot if u could send me feed back or if there is any chance we could chat. Tnx

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