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Google Me: One step closer with the purchase of Plannr

Google Me: One step closer with the purchase of Plannr

Google have taken a step closer to starting up their social network with the acquisition of social planning start up site Plannr. Last month the Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that their answer to Facebook would be called “Google Me” after reports that the search engine was losing ground to Mark Zuckerberg’s creation.

Google have made a smart move by buying Plannr as they have obtained two things; the first being the services and the second being the expertise of the two founders Ben and Jason, whose talent will aid the Google Me cause. The whole point of Plannr was to make organizing socializing simpler and this was achieved by tying together groups of friends using geolocation, email, text messages and phone calls according to Electric Pig.

Plannr have announced on their website that they are closing down and “have decided to put our time and efforts elsewhere”. The pair of founders have said that they will completely remove and delete all previous information on November 6th as well as thanking and apologizing to their users for the inconvenience.

With Google’s persistent recruitments and acquisitions recently it feels almost inevitable that their social network is slowly being warmed and will eventually hatch into something big. Will Google Me be a huge success and kill Facebook, or will be it another failure that goes unnoticed and eventually dies? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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  1. Dave says:

    I'm sure if Google advertises Google Me enough it'll catch on!

  2. Bay says:

    If they do the privacy thing right-yes it will be a success.

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