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Android 2.1 “CherryPad America” Released For $188

Android 2.1 “CherryPad America” Released For $188

The market for tablet devices is growing in numbers by the day, and for manufacturers they are all fighting off stiff competition from one another. Today, news of yet another tablet has been announced, the “CherryPad America” by makers Cherrypal.

For users wishing to purchase a new device, features along with price are the key factors involved when shopping around. Chris at SlashGear reported that, Cherrypal’s CTO “Max Seybold”, is hoping that his tablet will give people another option along with the fantastic cost of $188. The CTO has pointed out that the device can not be compared to that of the Apple iPad and has said that the CherryPad “addresses the sub-iPad market.”

If you are in the market for a tablet but do not want to pay extortionate prices than the Android 2.1 device will offer a, 7-inch touch screen, accelerometer, 800MHz Samsung ARM11 processor, 256MB RAM and 2GB of storage, WiFi and so on.

Are you looking to buy a new tablet but are put off by the cost? Will you consider a CherryPad America? Visit SlashGear for more details.

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