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2022 World Cup: Japan to beam 3D holograms to stadiums?

October 8, 2021 | Matt Tran

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2022 World Cup: Japan to beam 3D holograms to stadiums?

Recently we have been talking a lot about 3D, such as it being introduced into gaming; such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gran Turismo 5. Also we have been informed of Sony and Toshiba’s plans to release their glasses free 3D TVs.

We have some massive 3D related news for you now, although it is way down the line. It has been reported from Cnet that if Japan are able to host the 2022 World Cup then they will also project the matches to other football stadiums around the world in the form of 3D holograms.

Assuming Japan have that kind of technology in 12 years time(they probably will have as they are the masters of technology) they would execute their plan by filming the live match with 200 high-definition 3D cameras positioned all around the pitch. The hologram would be projected to around 400 other stadiums around the world, so they would get almost the exact same experience as watching the match live.

The sound would be provided via microphones underneath the pitch and amazingly the plan to deal with the electricity required is being made by the fans. Solar panels are being fitted on the stadiums roofs and when the crowd cheer and stomp their feet, it will generate electricity to power the event. Talk about being green!

This ludicrous futuristic idea is part of Japan’s plan to back up their 2022 bid, competing against the likes of England, Russia, USA, Qatar and South Korea. Applicants will discover their fate on 2nd December. As for the 3D hologram suggestion, I am sure it will be insanely expensive to run so dont hold your breath! Leave us all of your thoughts and comments on this story.

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