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Red Nintendo Wii Bundle: Japanese Release Only, Not U.S

Red Nintendo Wii Bundle: Japanese Release Only, Not U.S

In celebration of Mario Bros 25th birthday, Japanese fans can show their love of the little Italian, by purchasing one of the Anniversary Edition red Wii consoles. As an addition to the repainted Dsi and Dsi LL handhelds, the Wii red comes as a bundle with a matching Wii Plus controller and nunchuck.

For an added extra touch, Engadget reports that the red Edition package also comes with a copy of Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Edition reinstalled. Even though it is basically the same game, the special version comes with the number “25″ blazoned on to the bricks.

Unfortunately, only Japan will get the chance to purchase the bundle, at a price of ¥20,000 (or $241). So the only way we can get out hands on one is to import. Tell us if you think Nintendo should ship the red bundles over to the rest of us? To read more on this check out Engadget

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