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Online funeral service makes its mark on social media

Online funeral service makes its mark on social media

Just when you think that the use of social media has expanded into as many fields as possible, another innovative use of it comes to light. We have recently told for example, of the fire service in the U.S. that tweets from the scene of a blaze while the fire is being fought, and only yesterday we heard of social media’s growing popularity in the real estate business.

Now we’ve heard of an online funeral home that has recognized the growing power of social media and tapped into the market. has adopted the Internet as a platform for death-care services and is one of the first funeral companies to do so. Last week launched an infographic proving the Internet was a credible platform for funeral services, that received over 20,000 views in 24 hours on Diggit, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter and Reddit, according to PR Leap.

Traditionally the U.S. funeral industry has been slow to embrace the use of social media but shows that it is possible to get viral exposure. The infographic that the company created is called “Grave Curiosities” and provides many weird but strangely interesting, snippets about death and funerals, all included within a grave headstone. For instance humans are not alone in burying their dead as both chimpanzees and elephants sometimes throw leaves and branches over dead family members.

Alternatively how about the fact that over half the world’s population (3 billion) either watched on TV or gathered in London for Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. Apparently the numbers of funeral directors using online services is now starting to grow with more now using webcasting of funerals and memorial websites springing up, so it seems the funeral industry will continue to expand its presence online and with social media.

For more on this go to Would you be interested in arranging a funeral online? We’re interested in our reader’s thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.

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