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Kinect: Manual reveals potential distance problems

October 6, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Kinect: Manual reveals potential distance problems

With Microsoft’s Kinect fast approaching, a small document has been leaked today that may not make happy reading for potential buyers. The Kinect’s instruction manual has revealed that the user must be standing at least 6 foot away from the sensor camera in order for the console to work.

It gets worse as you must be standing at least 8 foot away for 2 players and to be honest not everyone has this much free space in their rooms. If your X Box 360 lives on the floor then unfortunately the Kinect sensor cannot be placed beside it as it must be elevated by at least 2 foot for it to pick up any body movement. According to Electric pig, different colored garments of clothing also play a factor into whether the Kinect works or not.

This news will come as a serious blow to people who planned to have the Kinect in their bedroom as when you take into account furniture, not many have 6-8 feet of clear space available. This issue could also arise to people with a small free space in their lounge. After all you don’t want to have to stand on your sofa in order to play.

The Kinect is just over a month away and will be desperate to compete with Sony’s Playstation move which has had a fairly positive reception since its release almost a month ago. Will these issues with the Kinect change your opinion on buying it now? Leave us all of you thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Nik says:

    can't can't can't, moan moan moan, winge winge winge. Bedroom? It's not designed for the bedroom. Plenty of living rooms have this kind of space.
    If your going to moan about something, make it something worth moaning about like height restrictions on rollercoaster’s or why plane seats are too small for fat people, or why planes cant fly underwater…
    I dislike unimaginative journalism.

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