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Facebook Event: New features- No phone

October 6, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Facebook Event: New features- No phone

We have discovered from today’s live Facebook event that there will sadly be no Facebook Phone. There will be three major changes and new features added to the existing ones later today. The information we have is courtesy of the Cnet live blog.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the presentation by saying that “we’re not going to talk about what you all think we’re going to talk about”; he then went on to say that there was 3 things he was going to be talking about. The main 3 points to take from the presentation are the information management, new dashboard and new groups product.

The first point that was raised was information management, where Zuckerberg said that people should be able to take their personal information from the site wherever they want. All of the information you have ever posted to Facebook including photos and videos will be transferred in one big Zip file. The new product is called “Download your information”. When asked about the levels of security, it was said that on top of passwords, email verification would also be required as the security of personal information is being taken very seriously.

For the next point Carl Sjogreen, a product manager at Facebook explained about the new dashboard and how it shows you an access log of what apps have looked at parts of your profile, and when that happened. “We think for individuals this is a pretty big win,” he said. Also you can modify permissions or uninstall apps right from the new dashboard.

Zuckerberg then went on to talk about the different groups of friends we have such as lifelong, school and work and the different groups they fit into in our lives. Less than 5% of people put their friends into subgroups. “Nobody wants to make a list”. To fix this problem a new groups product that lets you connect with other Facebook users and manage all that information in one space is being added, specifically to target certain groups of friends that you want to share information with.

All of the new features above will be rolled out gradually to users later today, so keep a look out for all of the new changes. Is this news what you expected from the event? Leave us your thoughts below.

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  1. These new features sound awesome! I look forward to their implementation.

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