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Verizon iPhone 4: Last Minute Apple Press Conference Possible

October 5, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Verizon iPhone 4: Last Minute Apple Press Conference Possible

We are coming into a time of year, when expectations are running high as to what new devices will be released be it, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and so on. So ideally we should be gearing ourselves up for the launch of another Apple device, perhaps a Verizon iPhone? Despite criticism that Steve Jobs and his company have had to endure at times, the popularity of the iPhone and overall iOS platform is growing by the day.

With recent announcements being made of Microsoft rolling out the new Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone 7 sometime next week, this would be the perfect time for Apple to start showcasing yet another mobile phone. According to Beatweek, in times gone by, Apple has been renowned for introducing new products during the first part of September, in time for the Christmas season.

So with the hype building up for the new Windows handset, it clearly is an indication that if a product is ready for launch, then that’s the time to make it available to the consumer market. So, where does this leave Apple? Presently, the iPhone is seeing stiff competition against the likes of the new Droid, which only came about after Apple made a poor decision to not give Verizon access to the iPhone.

To have any chance of gaining that extra edge over its counterparts, Apple really needs to announce one of their last minute press conferences. The month of September has been and gone, and to stay in the running, Apple really needs to think of something quick!

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  1. Beatweeksucks says:

    Beat week, LOL. The ultimate Apple fanboys. Or should I say fanbots, "We love Apple, Apple is great, we love Steve Jobs, we have our lips sewn to his butt." Lol

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