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Sony jump on the glasses free 3D TV bandwagon

October 5, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Sony jump on the glasses free 3D TV bandwagon

We brought you the news yesterday that Toshiba are launching two models of their first ever glasses free 3D TV line. Sony will be showing off their first new 3D product next week at the opening of a new exhibition at The British Library according, to reports from Electric Pig.

The TVs that were unveiled in Japan yesterday have been penned in for a December release, and then distribution will be pushed out further next year. We have caught word that Sharp and Samsung are also gearing themselves up to compete in the glasses-less market as technology races ahead rapidly. Sony will unveil their “360 degree Autostereoscopic display” which is some sort of 360 degree 3D display.

Autostereoscopic basically means that the display transmits stereoscopic or 3D images, without the need for glasses which has been called for by masses tech lovers. The cry for glasses free 3D TV has been mostly down to the fact that after prolonged period of viewing the glasses can hurt the wearer’s eyes and cause headaches; some people are also embarrassed to wear the glasses as they think they look stupid.

Sony also recently showed off their new line of Google integrated TVs. What are your views on all of the new TVs coming out? Will you be getting one when they launch next year? Leave us your comments.

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  1. mushi mush says:

    all depends on price tag… i dont mind glasses but first they need to sort out price.

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