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MTV Introduce New iOS “Anti-Bullying” App

October 5, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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MTV Introduce New iOS “Anti-Bullying” App

MTV has released a new iOS app to help in the fight against bullying. For those that are familiar with sites such as FML or Texts From Last Night will recognise the layout, as the “Over the Line” app is built on the existing web and Facebook app.

Mashable reported, that the idea is to help bullied teens realise when, what may seem harmless can easily be pushed to far. Teenagers are asked to share their experiences from times when they have been either harassed, bullied or disrespected. It is then put up for debate where other users can give their opinions as to whether they think the situation could be classed as over stepping the line, well under the line or balancing on it.

With this input, the idea is to help young teens think about how they are treated and how they treat others. MTV has decided to run the app launch during National Bullying Prevention month. With such a high profile event, celebs and companies will be joining in to hopefully give teens other options rather than keeping it to themselves, ending sometimes in drastic actions like suicide.

It is always difficult when we read about young people feeling the only way out is by turning to suicide, so surely anything that can help these teens before they get to that stage is a good thing. Give us your views on how we can help bullied kids? To read more on this log onto Mashable

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