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iPhone 5 and iPad 2: Qualcomm not FoxConn

October 5, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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iPhone 5 and iPad 2: Qualcomm not FoxConn

News has come through today, of American wireless telecommunications company “Qualcomm”, being chosen to manufacture the parts needed within the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2 devices.

According to Desire Athow at IT ProPortal, despite Apple’s decision to change suppliers, Steve Jobs, CEO for Apple, was more than happy with “Intel”. But in business, sometimes suppliers and manufacturing processes have to be looked into. It appears that Qualcomm were the ideal choice to provide “baseband chips” for the iPhone and iPad. If left with Intel, Apple would find it very difficult to supply Verizon to these devices, without changing the entire phone or sourcing a chip that supplies all networks.

It is said, that Qualcomm will use TSMC’s 65nm manufacturing process to produce the chips needed for both Apple devices. Thoughts have been raised as to whether Qualcomm will meet the increasing demand of consumer needs. IT ProPortal have said that, rumors have been circulating that Apple will be releasing a CDMA version of the iPhone and are looking to bring together suppliers by “Iditching Broadcom” as the baseband supplier for the iPad.

What are your thoughts on this recent news? Give us your views. To check out more on this log onto IT ProPortal

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  1. TheMan888 says:

    Qualcomm not Intel. This has nothing to do with Foxconn as the final assembly house. ID10T Fail!

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