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Verizon / White iPhone 4: Apple Regrets

October 4, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Verizon / White iPhone 4: Apple Regrets

Apple must be kicking itself at the moment, with it’s loyal followers still asking about the release of the white iPhone 4? The company has got to be thinking, “why did we mention a white iPhone in the first place?” At the moment, the only confirmation that a white 4 exists is from the picture on Apple’s on-line store. If they had just released the black version (the popular choice), then a problem would not have arisen.

Added to this, is the issue with Verizon, which on initial release back in 2007 was not available alongside AT&T. Beatweek commented, that in hindsight Apple should never have got into a position where Verizon and Sprint saw themselves more as iPhone competitors instead of iPhone partners. If Apple had run with these carriers concurrently from day one, sales of the handset could have doubled across the U.S. by now.

Apple’s judgement errors can only have boosted sales of iPhone’s competition, with would-be subscribers choosing Verizon’s Droid or Sprint’s EVO.

So with Apple seemingly digging itself a hole, will the release of the white iPhone 4 be enough to get back on track? Give us your thoughts. Check out more on this at BeatWeek

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Comments (15)

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  1. nano says:

    First i was waiting for i phone4 to come to market. Now i am waiting for a white i phone
    feel like an idiot

  2. F.Mahmood says:

    I'm not even joking but if they release one around the Christmas holiday's they can suck a big fat one. Firstly, it'd be 6 months late and a 6 month wait for the next iPhone (kind of pointless don't you think?) and my head will explode glitter if they release an advert saying "Why not make it a white Christmas this year?" - Why not release your products on time and stick your clichéd advert where the sun don't shine you horrible man!

  3. SKO_Newcastke UK says:

    i've been waiting like a fool for the white iphone 4 since july. getting pretty fucking sick of waiting now. i'm hoping the nokia n8 is as good as it looks and then jobs can stick his 'later this year' insult up his arse!

  4. Matt C says:

    Why on YouTube is there video's of people in Canada recieving brand new iPhone 4's in white? Did they actually release them at a point and then stop selling?? I really really want one and happy to wait as I have one for work, but hate being kept totally in the dark as to when it will be released and yet seing actual iPhone 4's in white on the web. Is it a fake??


    • F.Mahmood says:

      Some initially may have been sold or ‘given away’ to mobile sites to review but the probability is they’ve brought a black iPhone and just put on white cover themselves.

  5. RF Miami says:

    I think apple grossly underestimated the popularity of the “possible” white iPhone 4, I’m still waiting for mine but like everyone else am getting really tired of waiting. It’ll be retarded for them to release it for Xmas cuz a new one will be released in June like usual. So I’m just thinking of getting those white adhesive stickers to make it white. Apple has gone from the underdog to the mega corporation that doesn’t give a shit about what it’s customers want or ask for.

  6. Steve says:

    i am tired now for waiting around for the white iphone 4. am moving on to the nokia provider. you can keep your iphones steve

  7. Rick says:

    I’ve had the privilege to be a user of both the Droid and the iPhone. I’ve actually owned 4 iPhones and currently own one of the best Droid phones made yet (EVO) and live in an area where I use and have access to the 4G network on Sprint. I have learned to use both phones inside and out and I conclude with and resolve to never own anything less than an iPhone or other device unless made by Apple.

    Apple truly GETS what the end user really wants, desires and needs. The devices and apps created for the iPhone are done so on a much higher level of proficiency and creativity than anything I’ve been able to get my hands on.

    While Droid and other competitors may try and develop a slick apparatus with better cameras and comparable or “so-called” better features than the iPhone; I say…who are you kidding!?!

    As far as I’m concerned; no one will bring a more precise and all around user friendly and upper-class device as Apple.

    I applaud Apple and the innovation they bring to the world and hope they never let those of us who are true end users down! As for now Apple…you are the “Little Giants of Ladders” and as soon as I can come back to owning the best cellular device ever made…I will.


    • steve_aberdeen says:

      so wrong.

      no flash. no expandable memory. not open source. no decent antenna. no decent price tag. screen is brighter on galaxy s and 30% more battery efficient than iphone. you must have itunes. cant freely distribute my own music with people. can only bluetooth to other iphones. can only do videocalling to other iphones and only over wifi. most of the apps you have to pay for. accessories are incredibly expensive.

      it looks nice tho

  8. Thomas says:

    You are all crying for everything. It's very normal for maker delaying their product for many reason of their own. They don't ask for your deposit of preorder or anything. So pls just wait or don't have to wait…'s your choice to get something else as your wishes…..For jeeeeeeeeeessssss.

  9. anderson says:

    There wont be an iPad 2 for another 6 mos. Apple's devices are updated once a year. And the iPad has only been out for 6 months..

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