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Printing Facebook: Your friends on your real wall

Printing Facebook: Your friends on your real wall

If you consider yourself a popular character on Facebook and have a four digit number when it comes to friends then you may like to boast about your achievement by putting it on your wall. No… don’t brag about it in your status, get a poster and stick it on your bedroom wall!

This crazy new project which is being performed by artist Benjamin Lotan is a bizarre but then again innovative idea that may just catch on. I can certainly see people going out and buying a huge poster mosaic of all of their friends profile pictures; as creepy as it sounds. Currently customers can only purchase one for $25 + shipping in the US according to Electric Pig.

If business is good it is expected Printing Facebook will be pushed out further and be made available to other countries such as the UK. The 20×40 poster can be modified to your liking with different background shades such as the Facebook blue or black and white.

Personally I think am going to keep my Facebook friends on Facebook; and I think I speak for everyone else here in saying that I don’t want a load of my friends outrageously funny and posy profile pictures staring at me on my wall, as well as a few people I have only met once or don’t even know. Printing Facebook is still a great idea though and there is most definitely a market for it.

Let’s hope Mark Zuckerberg does not get one as “The Social Network’s” catchphrase claims quite comically that he has 500 million friends. Mind you his house is probably big enough to fit a poster that size in anyway. Will you be getting a poster of your Facebook friends? Leave us your comments.

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