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Mark Zuckerberg: From The Social Network to The Simpsons

Mark Zuckerberg: From The Social Network to The Simpsons

Poor old Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news a little too much recently with the release of The Social Network movie. However last night he made an unlikely TV appearance on Fox’s legendary cartoon show The Simpsons, voicing himself in the episode.

In the episode Lisa is taking the bully Nelson Muntz to an expo to meet entrepreneurs in an attempt to stop him from dropping out of school. Ironically everyone including the Facebook CEO except the school janitor has dropped out to go and found their companies. Richard Branson and Bill gates also appear in the scene as drop outs. You can watch the Zuckerberg clips and whole episode on Mashable.

This episode seems like a convenient time to be aired as it acts as a slight defense from The Social Network as Jesse Eisenberg plays a more anti-hero and dark character which has been described as totally fictitious.

In the episode “loan a Lisa”, quite humorously Mark has been made his own Facebook page (Simpsons Style!) which lists him as single and as friends with Moe, Doctor Hibbert and Kent Brockman. If you have a keen eye you may be able to read his recent activity. Hopefully for the shy young billionaire this episode of The Simpsons will take everyone’s mind off the dark character he is being portrayed as in The Social Network.

Have you seen Mark Zuckerberg in The Simpsons yet? Leave us your comments telling us what you think.

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