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“The Social Network”storms to the top of the US box office

“The Social Network”storms to the top of the US box office

Facebook film “The Social Network” has rocketed to the summit of the US box office after raking in $23 million in the first weekend. David Fincher’s film has doubled the takings of its closest rival Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole, which has taken $10,900,000 so far according to Digital Spy.

The massively hyped film was released on October 1st and is expected to keep theaters everywhere full until at least next week. “The Social Network” comes out in the U.K on October 15th and is predicted to hit the top of the box office here as well; generating plenty more revenue for Fincher and his massive team.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook has already said he will not be watching the film despite it being based on his exploits; however his whole team went on a company outing to see the movie yesterday. After the film it was reported that some of the employees went to bars to give their opinions on the experience.

Have you seen “The Social Network” yet? Does it deserve its spot at number 1? Leave us your opinions in the comments.

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  1. jonmenager says:

    It was truly a great film. Despite the fact any of us want to believe it or not — Facebook plays an intricate part of many people's lives. Not only for the tweens, teens, and adults young and old who are obsessed with the site, but for many businesses and companies that make a living off of the site itself.

    Working for one of those such companies (Fanscape in Los Angeles), the film was very interesting to me, well written, and very entertaining.

    Highly recommend it.

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