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COD Black Ops Vs. Medal of Honor: Prepare for a sales war this Christmas

COD Black Ops Vs. Medal of Honor: Prepare for a sales war this Christmas

We have had a busy week with the 100% confirmation of “zombie mode” on Black ops and then the leaked achievements list revealing elements of the game. All of the talk is on the Call of Duty franchise at the moment, but let’s not forget that Medal Of Honor is also coming out to give Black Ops a real battle in the charts.

We have been getting reports from Product-Reviews that “the excitement during gameplay is something else”, after the new Medal Of Honor game was sampled at Euro Gamer in London. MOH gets a head start on Black Ops as it is released on 15th October, so the two games will not directly clash in release but will most certainly in the charts as Christmas rapidly approaches.

If you have not seen some of the MOH gameplay then check it out because it looks stunning, as you can see a mission where you are attacking an Afghan village as a chopper gunner, similar to that in Modern Warfare 2. Also follow the link for the Black Ops trailer and the “viral zombie video”.

Due to its immense reputation from its previous titles; Black Ops will be a definite buy for millions of gamers. However this will not be the case with Medal Of Honor; I will certainly be giving MOH a try and of course be visiting launch night to pick up my copy of Black Ops. Which will you buy, if not both? Leave us your comments.

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  1. Zach says:

    Medal of Honor seems more true to the soldiers…

  2. Greg says:

    MoH came before CoD if I recall correctly and therefore I hope it out does it in the campaign area at least. CoD games are coming out way too fast in tandem. I will be getting both though one for the campaign and the other for the zombs.

  3. Booshank says:

    medal of honour is looking more like a rue to life game.Cod just looks a little like an arcade game to me, but I will be getting both games….

  4. Matt says:

    MoH is going to be a big disappointment. Everyone I've talked to said they hated the Beta. Black Ops' MP, campaign, co-op, and game modes will totally outclass anything MoH has in those respective categories.

  5. Chris says:

    MoH does not have the customization like black ops.

  6. Jason says:

    EA have said MOH needs 3 million sales to make a sequel. I doubt it will sell this many. Although they are completely different games, Medal of Honor Airborne only sold 520,000 on the XBox and 220,000 on the PS3, which is just absolutely awful.
    While I hated the beta for MoH, I will be buying it and giving it a chance, but it would seem it will not be able to better this years CoD, which is looking to be the best yet, with it's campaign, Dead Ops mode, Zombie mode, Nazi Zombies (with hardened & prestige), multiplayer, wager matches, theater mode, increased levels of customisation and a rebalancing of the multiplayer.
    Medal of Honor will need a miracle to over come Black Ops.

    • roland says:

      moh has no feel its dull the guns have almost no recoil which makes them all feel the same and requires no skill in controling the gun . The guns in cod all have there own character which make them unique thats y cod is better . And is way more customizable with more choices to play the game in a way that matches your play style

  7. dean says:

    good man greg, i'd do that too if i were you, love zombies and moh.

  8. Joe says:

    I think that MOH will be the better game, but i doubt it will sell more than COD.

  9. Taj says:

    I think black ops will be superior since you get a lot for your money
    -solo and co-op campaign
    -combat traning
    -zombie mode
    -theater mode
    -wadger matches
    -character customization

    Theyarch also fixed all the problems from mw2 and is known to make patches ASAP
    I just think it will be better in m opinion

  10. Nick says:

    Call of Duty is now a gimmick franchise, based purely on the console market. The first signs of this was when CoD3 was released console only. CoD4 (modern warfare) was then a console game with the PC perks, which is why it went well. CoD5 (world at war) Was a shabby copy of this. With CoD6 (modern warfare 2) they just ported the console version straight on to the PC version. CoD7 is going to be just the same, but with a few features to try and make the PC buyers happy again, but its too late. Its a game filled with console gimmicks and achievements and crap just to make it more fun, but less realistic. We used to play FPS games for years with the choices of just 5 guns, and it worked because the game play was freaking awesome, with no need for remote control cars or badges to prove we have killed 50 people with a hammer. CoD is dead for the PC, long live MoH which will provide the PC FPS market with good game play over kiddy gimmicks. If you play on a console you are playing with an average age of 12 year olds who need that rubbish to keep them entertained. Call of Duty was spawned by some of the same creative team of Medal of Honour, so it should know who is the daddy.

  11. Prudii says:

    I played the beta and liked it, I will be buying both. COD because of its setting, and extra features. But i am buying MOH for its game play, and the god of all bonuses, A Battle Field 3 beta key. To me that key is worth way more than $60. BF2 is the king of all fps always has been and most likely always will be. In my opinion COD games have only gone downhill sense COD 2.

  12. sypher says:

    i will be buying both games i think medal of honor has better graphics and gameplay but so many ppl love call of duty so that will sell alot more but if medal of honor is good it has a good month to outsell black ops and i agree tht medal of honor airborne was horrible but when i had ps2 medal of honor rising sun was an awesome game if its anything like tht call of duty could have a good challenge i cant wait till they hit the market

  13. Todd says:

    I think both will be good games. I no longer game on a PC since going to MAC so I have a PS3. I have gotten use to the decrease in graphic beauty when playing games, but the graphics aren't bad, just not as good as on a high end PC. I don't miss upgrading my PC every 18 months due to heat breakdown of components. I also like gaming on a 65 inch screen with my PS3. I am looking forward to both games. I am not as picky about the weapon recoil. If I am at a rested position and have an enemy in my sights, I want him to drop when I squeeze the trigger.

  14. Todd says:

    Prudii Battlefield games were great on the PC, but the graphics were so bad on the PS3 it gave me a headache. I had BF2 6 months and then sold it to Game Stop.

  15. Ascending says:

    Who cares about zombies are u kidding get a life thats what makes cod better . little children love so i assume thats who like cod

  16. UrielCesar says:

    The problem about MoH its that its Multiplayer looks like a whole different game than the offline campaign. The beta was horrible, if I get to buy MoH will only be for its campaign only. Personally I think I will get BlackOps instead of MoH, After getting sick of MW2 I swore I would never get another CoD game, but honestly, after the disgusting beta version of MoH, I guess BlackOps will have to fullfill my need of a war shooter game. Finally I wouldnt get both because I need some cash for FalloutNewVegas :) Cheers from Peru.

  17. anon says:

    Played it and returned it. MoH just doesn't feel original. it feels like a illegitimate child of MW2 and BFBC2. so i'll be waiting for black ops.

  18. Roy187 says:

    oh,I see…if I say MOH is better,I will get good post,if I say BLACK OPS is better,I get bad post…i think mostly moh fanboy are stalking this site.Anyway,played it,loved it,but I still think black ops will be better.

  19. Seanypooh says:

    LOL MOH Fanboys your 100% wrong CoD has always been a better game dont get me wrong WaW was a total let down and MW2 was a somewhat fail. Cod4 though is probably the best FPS game ever made in a MLG gamers perspective. Cant wait tell Black Ops going to be bringing in that money all day baby!

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