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Kim Kardashian on Twitter: Influential or popular?

October 1, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Kim Kardashian on Twitter: Influential or popular?

Glamour icon Kim Kardashian has always been a very likable figure and for those of you were wondering how she squares up against some of the other biggest celebs in the category of popularity will be enlightened now. A recent survey was carried out on her by Experian Hitwise U.K which can be seen by visiting Mashable; the survey takes into account the amount of Twitter followers she has and then the amount of times she is referred to on Google.

Results from the survey reveal that Miss Kardashian is not the most popular celebrity on followers; however she tops the whole lot on traffic referrals from Twitter. In terms of followers, Kim is lacking as she has not broke the 5 million mark and stars like Lady Gaga have 6.5 million followers approximately. Britney Spears has over 6 million and Justin Bieber has 5.5 million.

Where the socialite is weak in followers she makes up in traffic referrals to places like her website, as she uses a very clever strategy on her Twitter page. Kim usually Tweets personable relatable information that will have followers flocking to her official website where they are looking to see some of her new outfits or the chance to win an invite to her Birthday party, as she has provided links in her Tweets.

Because the star provides a lot of links, she sends her followers to the places she wants; not many celebs do this and by referring her fans she generates plenty of traffic and views on her other sites. The stats show that 1 in 5 users of Kim’s website has come from a Twitter referral which shows in the bigger picture that Twitter is matching Google as a traffic referral. It seems that Kim is far more influential on the internet than popular; I am sure she prefers it that way.

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