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Google’s “Street View” Expands To Other Countries

October 1, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Google’s “Street View” Expands To Other Countries

Back in 2007, Google, one of the biggest search engines, introduced its new service “Google Street View”. It gives users a panoramic view of various positions looking along a street. Since then, it has been developing it further and news today has informed us, that expansion has taken place in other cities. Originally, cities just within the U.S. could get any benefit from it.

Other countries announced today, include, Brazil, Ireland and even Antarctica. Stan Schroeder at Mashable reported that, it works when you hover up a certain area using the little yellow man icon. If the area shows up with blue dots, then Google Street View is accessible here. If the user then decides to view a certain area within the street, they can change direction and zoom level using the keyboard or mouse. Back in 2008, iPhone users could benefit from the instalment of Street View onto the “Google Maps” app. To date, Street view has been added to the Windows and BlackBerry versions of Google Maps.

For locations where Street View cannot be used, people have sent in images of land and water from all over the world. These can be viewed using the same principle.

Have you considered using Google’s Street View? Give us your thoughts. To read more on this log onto Mashable

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