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Google URL Shortner Released To The Public

October 1, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes

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Google URL Shortner Released To The Public

Many people are scared of Google. The company seems to be a big brother of sorts, looking into all your information that people are more than happy to give to them, whether it be through e-mail, documents and now through their new URL shortening service.

Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable has details about Google’s new URL shortening service. For those who don’t know what a URL shortener is, they were created for use in Twitter where space was limited. It takes a link, in this example and changes it into this: Other services allow you to add a tagline to it, so for example

The URL shortening service was previously only available in other Google services, but is now available for everyone to use, by visiting this page. The only down side is that you cannot customise links as of yet, which is why I had to use for my earlier example. The advantage from Google is that you can log in with your Google account and track the URL, obtaining such information as which browser, county and platform users have accessed the short URL from.

This is another useful feature from Google, and it allows another way for them to track your internet usage. Whether anyone will use it, is another question. What do you think, will you be using this URL shortening service or will you pass for another competing service? Let us know in the comments. Alternativly, check out more stories about Google.

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