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3D Rental: Sky and Virgin asking for £6 per film

September 29, 2021 | Matt Tran

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3D Rental: Sky and Virgin asking for £6 per film

With the imminent 3D home viewing experience about to hit our lounges it seems only logical for companies such as Sky and Virgin to shed a little more light on the options we will have upon purchase.

Both establishments have made us aware that 3D movies will be available for rental from the box office, which will last for 24 hours. The first movie to be featured will be StreetDance 3D with plenty more titles to come; however the Blu-ray version of the StreetDance film is not true 3D, as you have to wear those ugly cheap 50′s paper version of the glasses, according to Cnet.

There is always a catch and that catch is that the 24 hour rental is going to set you back £6! That is not a typo; they are actually charging us £6 for a 24 hour rental. Considering you are probably only going to watch the rental once, you may as well pay the extra to buy the title and watch it to your hearts content. Buying the film will work out at about 3 rentals and if you own the title I am sure you will watch it at least 3 times before it breaks of you give it away because you are so sick of it.

To be honest I am not surprised at the news as I spoke about “Sky 3D and if it was worth having” in one of our other articles. Virgin have followed the same pricing structure as Sky and matched their £6 rental fee. This weekend Sky is broadcasting the Ryder Cup golf tournament and then some big Premiership football matches. So they have picked a good time to release their channel with a packed weekend of big sporting events.

So with Sky’s 3D channel launching this Friday and also Virgin’s promotion deal with Samsung in the works it is a busy time for the cable firms. However they should be aware. because as the first companies to announce their rental prices for 3D; other competitors will peaking through the hole in the fence with a plan to better their deals. Will you rent any of the 3D movies when they are available? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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