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Branson Sets Flights Into Space Within 18 Months

Branson Sets Flights Into Space Within 18 Months

Within 18 months, Virgin Multi-Billionaire “Sir Richard Branson” plans to launch Space Travel commercially. If owning a plane, train, records company and mobile phone business isn’t enough, the entrepreneur has now set his sights on transporting paying customers into space.

In 2004, Branson announced to the world that he was signing a deal to set up commercial space travel, space tourism, named “Virgin Galactic”. With funding from Microsoft co-founder “Paul Allen” and expertise from American space developer and designer “Burt Rutan”, a new concept was born! Since then, Sir Richard Branson has been working on two spacecraft that are hoped to launch in the next 18 months.

Nicholas Deleon at CrunchGear reported that, space flights aboard the “White Knight Two” and “Spaceship Two” which had its first launch back in March, will not be cheap. The trip is reported to set you back $200,000. At a recent conference Branson attended in Kuala Lumpur, he said he’s, “looking at hotels in space,” perhaps on the moon.

If you were in a position to be able to afford a space voyage, is it something you would consider? Give us your comments. To check out more on this log onto CrunchGear

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