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SCVNGR Announces New University Program To Help Students

September 26, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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SCVNGR Announces New University Program To Help Students

We reported recently of location-based app “Foursquare” introducing a new program for university students. It is hoped that this new idea will bring student friendships closer together, the opportunity to earn school themed badges, the finding out of activities around the campus and classes. It seems that other apps such as “Whrrl”, “Gowalla” and now “SCVNGR” have now got in on the act.

According to Lauren at Mashable, SCVNGR have now set up their own “University Program” for students using the above ideas plus more! The app, of which they have been working on for the last year with educational establishments, are proud to announce that they have joined up with its 350th university just this week. As well as students finding out where classes are held around campus or finding out the nearest check-in point to earn their badges, SCVNGR have developed “hunt-like treks” which are hoped to entice students to join the campus and sign up to events and activities.

Students will be able to take photos of various places around the university that perhaps interest them and use them to prove to those around them that they did, in fact, visit them. For students trying to decide what university they want to attend is a huge ordeal, for this decision can affect the rest of their lives. If, unfortunately, they cannot attend open days to view the campus, the app can act as a visual guide.

Currently, SCVNGR is increasing in popularity, particularly in 17-31 year olds and what’s more, they have even got keen interest from sports teams including “The New England Patriots” and “Minnesota Vikings”.

What do you think of SCVNGR’s new app? Will you be using it? Give us your comments. To read more on this log onto Mashable

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