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New 7-inch iPad Like iPhone 4?

September 26, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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New 7-inch iPad Like iPhone 4?

Speculation at the moment surrounds whether Apple fans are likely to see a 7-inch version of the iPad? Rumors have indicated that there is a finished product which we may see in 2011, but it falls in line with similar designs that are circulating around. So, what do we believe?

When Peter at PR News reported on this story, the 7-inch iPad’s design may result in looking like the current iPhone, the handset which since its release some months ago, has been one of the most popular devices consumed of 2010. So, dependant on how much truth is in these rumors, why would consumers want a tablet device similar to that of an iPhone?

Despite some negativity that Apple have had to contend with, since its release, sales of the iPhone have been growing by the day, recently China opened an Apple store and released the device to thousands of queuing people.

With the iPad and iPhone 4 fantastic features and design, and now news of a 7-inch display being developed for the next generation iPad, we will just have to wait with baited breath!

What are your thoughts on this news? Give us your comments below. To check out more on this log onto PR News

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  1. xixid says:

    Its a personal thing dude. Some of us see a tablet and wanna take it places, not just leave it on the coffee table.
    If you’ve never held and used a 7inch tablet, then I suggest you track one down and try it. Really comfy. Typing is really nice, feels just like landscape keyboard on a touch-screen device. You can just go nuts. Compared to the iPad, which I found horrible to type on.
    But of course, its personal choice. Some people want a tablet at home, some people want a big screen to watch things on(tip:if you like watch something, ipad+iFunia Video Converter=your best choise), some people want etcetcetc. But seven inch is a great form factor, and considering just how many have appeared as if by magic in the past few months, I think the developer agree that its a good size to work with. Superb balance of portability and real estate.
    Particularly as as the 10inch tablets currently MUST have the same resolution due to Froyo constraints, and thus lower pixel depth, I think its a bit over simplified to just call anyone who thinks 7 is a good size a moron.
    Try harder next time.

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