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Black Ops Zombies: More hints from Twitter?

September 26, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Black Ops Zombies: More hints from Twitter?

If you have been dying to hear absolute confirmation for Zombie mode on Black Ops, then we have some news to share with you that may brighten your day. In the past months we have had tons of speculation and hints, but no one from Treyarch has come out and said: “Zombie mode will be in Black Ops 100%”. In the prestige and hardened editions of the game set for release on 9th November; included are 4 co-operative maps rumored to be remakes of the World at War Zombie levels.

We can assume that these maps are Zombies, however it seems unlikely that if so, they would only be available to the two special editions opposed to every standard copy of the game. Reports from Made 2 Game tell us that recently, Twitter’s official Call of Duty community manager Josh Olin was quizzed on the topic and gave a very interesting answer. “If Zombies have anything to do with our top-secret Co-Op mode, then it’s a safe bet there will be a trailer for it eventually…”

Olin was asked “If a CO-OP reveal would be announced soon and if it would include Nazi Zombies”. The response is to the fact that there was no Zombie footage in the Black Ops multiplayer reveal trailer earlier this month despite heavy reports of some sort of visual confirmation. News on the inclusion of the game has gone quiet and with less than two months until the games release, many of us are wondering if Treyarch have just given up on Zombies.

If the remake rumor is true, I will feel let down as I am expecting a brand new map with extra weapons and perks; not just Der Riese with a few extra guns in the mystery box. If the co-op maps are upgraded WAW maps I think Treyarch have really let us down. Talk of the next map being set in area 51 has been spread and this sounds like an interesting idea to me. Would you agree?

On the other hand, with the hint it seems a little more likely we will be knees deep in zombie blood in November as Olin has said of another trailer to confirm the inclusion of the survival game we just all cant get enough of. A Halloween trailer release and announcement, almost a week before the game comes out seems convenient? I do believe Treyarch will eventually confirm Zombies but will do it very late to keep us all in suspense.

This topic has been hot for debate so leave us all of your thoughts and comments, with what you think Treyarch will do to announce the inclusion of the ultra popular Nazi Zombies game; or if they will even bring it out at all.

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  1. shaun says:

    It would be a catastrophic let down if no new zombie maps are are in the game

  2. Juan says:

    Halloween!!!!! dat sounds absolutely perfect from a marketing stand point.

  3. vrekks says:

    I'm betting on a Halloween announcement for dramatic effect and it is close to actual release. Everyone already knows that you can frag your buddies online in COD and the zombie announcement will be some very thick icing on the cake.

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