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SKY 3D: Is it worth it?

September 24, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Satellite TV giants Sky are launching their 3D channel for home use on October 1st and I am sure you are wondering like many others, is it really worth it? In the last year we have been up to the eyeballs in 3D technology; at the cinema, with the release of the TV range and now its launch for our favorite TV shows.

Cnet have provided an excellent detailed review you may want to read if you are pondering getting Sky 3D, and I will also give you my experiences with it so far. Pubs across the UK have given us the opportunity to sample Sky 3D by broadcasting live sports events. I attended one of the events to watch a football match and it was not very impressive to be fair. Although in some aspects you can tell that some of the images are 3D, overall it is not worth it in my opinion.

When you see an image of the crowd you can tell that it is 3D as there is depth to the picture and it stands slightly off the screen, as does the score bar. Unfortunately if a player kicks the ball towards the camera it does not come shooting out of the TV and hit you in the face, which is what a lot of people of are expecting. Sky does give a sort of extra dimension to home 3D, but it is no where near perfected.

I found myself wearing the cheap plastic cinema glasses to watch the football, as there were at least 100 people watching the games as well, so if Sky offer the battery powered polarized glasses at home then it may provide a better experience. Also the 3D TV, provided was about 46 inches, and when standing at the back of a crowded room it is not the most comfortable scene to enjoy. I am sure sitting on your sofa in front of a 60 inch 3D TV, will yield better results.

Another thing I should add is that sport is not the only type of 3D program, being broadcast as there is also the nature and drama shows that can be enjoyed. I have not sampled these however have been told they are very good, as Sky are now offering 3D trials at home. Overall I do think there is a market for Sky’s home 3D channel but unless you are an absolute tech enthusiast it is not essential. It is only available for free to Sky’s top tier subscribers, and so the extra premium if you are not said subscriber will be a fair bit extra; also you must have at least a sky HD package to be able to get the 3D channel, despite the fact that you will NOT be watching HD 3D.

I have said before that “The price is the problem” and the huge cost of this massive luxury will deter many people from buying it. Sky’s prices are already bordering on extortionate without 3D and it seems unlikely that crowds of people will be rushing to pay even more for the new package. I could be wrong, time will tell. As a big fan of 3D, I hope that the Sky 3D experience succeeds as it will pave the way for future home viewing and excellence. I am counting down the days until Avatar 3D is released for home use; I believe now I have downloaded the software update for my PS3, it will play 3D movies.

Will you buy Sky 3D? Leave us a comment with your thoughts on it.

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