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Facebook Unavailable: DNS Failure

September 23, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Facebook Unavailable: DNS Failure

You may have noticed when trying to log in to your Facebook account this evening that there is a “DNS Failure”. Do not worry; your computer is not playing up. It is actually the social networking site who are experiencing the technical faults, that is preventing all of its users from signing in.

So we already know that we have around 500 million unhappy customers out there, but what is the problem? We have been getting reports from Product-Reviews that “service disruption” is the likely cause. The problem is worldwide as I have spoken to family from abroad who can also confirm that the site is down for them as well.

Occasionally you will be able to visit the log in menu, where upon entering your user name and password the details will be processed for a prolonged amount of time before you are notified the page cannot be displayed. I am sure the problem is being resolved but it is not known how long it will take.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team had better get this problem fixed fast, as there are plenty of people itching to chat and play Farmville. Also see our article on Mark Zuckerberg attending a showing of the “social network?“, if you have an interest in Facebook.

Have you had any luck logging in? Is Facebook still down for you? Facebookers, we want to hear from you so let us know by leaving a comment.

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Comments (17)

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  1. yasmin knipe says:

    its anoying!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  2. wacablegirl says:

    Anyone who wants to visit their farm can log onto and play. No need to let your plants wilt, LOL.

  3. J Stewart says:

    so glad to have found this site I am elderly and thought for sure something was wrong with my fairly new computer. I'll keep you in my fav's just in case I need you again.
    J Stewart-Canada

  4. Britt says:

    I am dying here! My addiction! lol

  5. emily says:

    it's still down -_-

  6. donna fowle says:

    yeah im having a lot of trouble getting on to it

  7. Alex says: is working perfect!

  8. M.Pasmore says:

    Still cant get on, been 45 minutes:(

  9. claire says:

    my facebook is down!! not happy

  10. Sarah Bear says:

    Yeah thats exactly what its been saying all night Its really starting to irritate me because I arranged to meet my friend online tonight, Shes from america & trust it not to work tonight at all times Pleeeeeeeeeeease Mark get it fixed :']

  11. meaghan says:

    still down :(

  12. charlotte reynolds says:

    I have been trying everything I know to get onto facebook and just two seconds ago I did and pressed to look at my gifts and it went straight to error notice. This is so infuriating as I have crops to harvest and they will all wither by morning

  13. Vizzit0r says:

    It's back up and running.

  14. Judy says:

    why do I get the DNS message from facebook and someone sitting 3feet from me in the same garage can get on? This is… BULL… we are on the same network !!!!!!!!

  15. jessejamess says:

    sooooo inconvenient

  16. My wife is currently on line with FB but I cannot access yet we are on a common broadband router, she must have hit a window that was open. Working on Zoo World but not able to post gifts to the wall.

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