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YouTube: New Channel To Help Gay Teens

YouTube: New Channel To Help Gay Teens

With the aid of social networking site “YouTube”, a new channel “It Gets Better” has been set up, in the hope that it will help some teens struggling to come to terms with being gay. “Dan Savage”, a speaker and gay rights activist has launched this latest channel to give support and encouragement to gay teens at a time when they may be confused, feel alone or are being bullied.

When Samuel Axon at Mashable reported on this, Savage decided to set up “It Gets Better” after tragic news was announced of teenager “Billy Lucas” who was found dead after committing suicide. He had been taunted by other students and was told to “go home and kill himself because he was gay”. The channel will feature other peoples’ stories and will give hope to teens, that as they get older they will be more socially accepted.

For some teenagers, it can be such a difficult time for them to be able to express themselves. Unfortunately society at times can be quite cruel! With this new channel, it is hoped to reach out to everyone, particularly for teens who may feel that they have no-one else to talk to!

What are your thoughts on this new channel? Give us your feedback? To read more on this check out Mashable

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