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MTV2 To Air “Indie Horror Film” Thanks To 100,000 Fans

September 22, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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MTV2 To Air “Indie Horror Film” Thanks To 100,000 Fans

Social Media plays a big part in connecting to the outside world. This could be by way of advertising news, events, businesses, films and so on. News today has been announced that MTV and Eventful will now be releasing “Savage County”. With the help of MTV and 100,000 people, this low-budget movie will now be enjoyed on a mainstream network October 7.

According to Brenda at Mashable, the showing of Savage County is purely being shown from astonishing numbers of people requesting to see the film. Eventful had said previously via their “Demand It” feature, that if 100,000 fans wanted to see the film then it would automatically be aired on MTV. As well as this, it will be screened on, Comcast VOD, Playstation Network, Xbox, iTunes, DVD and Amazon.

Executive Vice President of MTV’s new Media Division “David Gale”, has commented on the latest campaign in saying that, “The network is working on getting the word out at a low cost while also reaching fans where they’re likely to be. We had to build a fan base in advance and judging by the 100,000 people who want to see the film we have succeeded”.

Were you one of the fans who voted for this latest horror film? Give us your comments. To check out more on this log onto Mashable

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